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Self-paced online learning courses range from less than 1 hour, up to 4 hours and are all delivered in short, sharp 2-5 minute video modules, PLUS you get access to our proven systems and tools.


Loving Your Work – So Engaged You Forgot To Go Home

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Quickly, simply & easily improve your own job fulfilment.
$49 Course Information

Balancing Your Life & Work - Made Simple

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Finding clarity & the quick solutions to getting back your work life balance.
$49 Course Information

Money Made Simple - Your Personal Cash Flow

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Get back control of your personal cash flow management quickly & easily.
$49 Course Information

Unlocking Your Motivation – Turn Up, Turned On

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Clarify & control your work motivation, simply & easily.
$49 Course Information

Self Leadership - Unlocking Your Potential in Life, Work & Finances

For Individuals & Employees (2 hours)
Be happier, more motivated & fulfilled in your work, life & personal cash flow
$129 Course Information

People Glue - Employee Engagement & Motivation

For Leaders & Managers (3 hours)
Maximising productivity & performance by harnessing employee-driven engagement.
$249 Course Information

Leaders' Guide to Personal Engagement Plans

For Leaders & Managers (<2 hours)
How to create motivational engagement plans for each & every employee.
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Your Career & Future Vision

For Individuals & Employees (<2 hours)
Create an inspiring life & work vision for your future.
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Obstacles Into Opportunities - Flipping Your Problems Into Positive Plans

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hours)
How to break through obstacles & barriers in life & work.
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How To Identify & Get Your Dream Job

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Transition strategies & job search techniques for your ideal job.
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