The New Renaissance: Employee Driven Engagement

employee driven engagement

From our research and working with many top 10 organisations, there is a remarkable disconnect between awareness and reality, where most people leaders are out of touch with what really motivates and engages their staff. This can stop leaders from taking full responsibility for preventing the key causes of low motivation, disengagement and lacklustre productivity.

If this is you, you are not alone because most leaders lack awareness about what really engages their people; they haven’t been given the skills or, understandably, are too busy to invest time to find out.

7 Drains on Engagement

The seven key reasons employees become unmotivated, disengaged and reduce productivity and performance are:

  1. Poor leadership – “I don’t feel appreciated, respected and informed about where the organisation is heading.”
  2. Lack of purpose – “I don’t know what the organisation’s main purpose and meaning is, beyond just making money.”
  3. Lack of opportunity – “I feel there are very limited opportunities for me to develop my career within the organisation.”
  4. Unfulfilling work – “My day-to-day work doesn’t energise me and I don’t use my key skills and strengths in a challenging and positive way.”
  5. Ineffective relationships – “I don’t feel part of a community where we work openly and collaboratively.”
  6. Inadequate rewards – “I don’t feel fairly rewarded, and I can’t see how remuneration is linked to my performance and achievements.”
  7. Lack of balance – “I don’t feel the organisation supports the fact that I am a human being with a life outside of work.”


Most Leaders Aren’t Motivational Psychologists

Sure,  people leaders can tackle each of these seven issues and, in many situations, reverse them to some degree. But understandably, not all people leaders are psychologists, coaches or mentors, so in most cases fall short in their efforts to maximise productivity and performance through increased engagement and motivation.

More Than 70% of Engagement Can Be Employee Driven

The exciting fact is that most of these 7 drivers can be controlled to a large degree by the individual employee – a new innovative approach called ‘Employee-DrivenEngagement’.

In our research over the past few decades, we have found that psychologically most employees know what they don’t want, fewer know what they really do want. This creates a serious problem, because if employees don’t know what truly motivates them, how have leaders got any chance?

The Self-Responsibility Approach

Employee Driven Engagement is the self-responsibility approach to maximising productivity and performance. This approach uniquely incorporates self-leadership initiatives, which help employees get clarity and become more resilient with techniques and tools to focus positively on what they can control, rather than negatively on what they can’t control.

From our experience working with organisations for over 15 years, we know that intelligent leadership now wants to put increasing focus on engaging and motivating talent through this self-responsibility approach to maximising productivity and performance, which is becoming increasingly important.

Many organisations also want to work smarter, not harder, by looking at more cost effective and scalable employee engagement solutions such as, an employee-driven on-line engagement system which has now been licensed in five countries.


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