Traditional Employee Engagement Research – Is It Flawed?

Traditional Employee Engagement Research

Employee Engagement Research

Traditional employee engagement research can be a waste of time and money if you don’t understand the pitfalls.  So what’s wrong with traditional employee engagement research?

Problematic Assumption #1

Taking the general common denominator approach to employee engagement research results will improve scores.

Flaw #1:
Only focusing on umbrella engagement solutions or Organisational Engagement Plans (OEP) can help some employees but not all.

An organisation’s engagement research suggests generally Leadership, Opportunity and Relationships need to be improved throughout the culture and therefore initiatives are put in place. This approach may be a useful starting point for some employees in general. But what if your top talent is motivated by the Job Fulfilment, Reward and Work Life Balance drivers and these factors are not getting satisfied?

Improvement Strategy #1:
One solution doesn’t fit everyone, so focus more on individual engagement solutions – PEP (especially for key talent) more than global organisational engagement strategies.

Complete the Be More Motivated At Work online, e learning course for your own Personal Engagement Plans (PEP).  Once you see how eye-opening this process is for yourself, it will be a no-brainer to see the importance for your own people to do the same for themselves.


Problematic Assumption #2

Focusing on the weakest scoring areas in the employee engagement research to improve scores.

Flaw #2:
Just because an organisational area isn’t scoring well doesn’t mean it is an important motivational driver to individual employees.

An organisation doesn’t have a strong purpose beyond just making money. So they invest time and money into improving the ‘Purpose’ driver . The reality may be that purpose just isn’t that important to most employees, even though it isn’t scoring well. So why waste time and money on this driver?

Improvement Strategy #2:
Understand first what is important to employees before implementing misguided strategies.

The Be More Motivated At Work online, e learning  course will quickly identify the most important drivers to focus on so each individual can improve their own engagement.


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