What Really Engages Employees? Is There a Simple Answer?

What really engages

What Really Engages Employees?

If you’re asking ‘What really engages employees?’ and expecting to have a cookie-cutter answer, then think again.

An Intelligent Answer

The short answer is simple.…. It depends on the individual.

The longer answer is, what engages individuals can be a combination of 7 key drivers …

  • Leadership
  • Oopportunity
  • Work Life Balance
  • Job Fulfilment
  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Reward

The key being to understand that everyone is motivated by different things, and as people leaders, we need to understand that so that we can treat our individual team members as individuals and not just as a team, or as a total organisation.  This is sometimes the trap of general engagement research, which treats the organisation as one body that has a couple of challenges to be solved, rather than drilling down to helping individuals understand what really engages and motivates them, and therefore what they can do about it themselves.

Employee Driven Engagement – helping individuals take more responsibility for their own engagement and motivation.

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