Refreshed Thinking About Engagement and Motivation

engagement & motivation 101

Engagement & Motivation 101

Life by Design® has earned a reputation for Employee Driven Engagement, helping employees intelligently take responsibility for their own engagement and motivation by getting clarity around what they want both inside and outside of work. Key to Life by Design’s approach is that everyone is responsible for employee engagement – Human Resources, People Leaders and Employees.  It is just that they are accountable for a different set of tasks.

The science to effective engagement and motivation is not understanding generational differences (eg: Gen X, Gen Y), but rather individual differences, since everyone is engaged and motivated by different things. The art is in making this simple and easy to do.

Many people know what they don’t want. However, few really know what they do want. If employees don’t know what truly engages them in work and life, it is virtually impossible to sustainably engage them.

Over the years many of the same questions keep popping up from our clients and organisations interested in unlocking workforce potential and maximising performance of their culture through employee-driven productivity.

Here are the top 5 questions and answers to employee engagement and motivation 101:


1.  What’s A Brief History of Employee Engagement In A Nutshell… So Far?

2. Why Don’t Traditional Employee Engagement Approaches Work Anymore?

3. One Size Fits All Strategies – Don’t Work, Never Did

4. How Do We Make Employee Engagement Simple for Everyone?

5. What’s the difference between Attraction, Retention and Engagement?


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