This course, based on Ian Hutchinson’s book “52 Strategies to Work Life Balance”, is a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase program, which arrives to your inbox weekly. It contains tips, strategies, and monthly check-in assessments to help you better achieve the balance you want.  Strategies to achieve your ideal work life balance are easier than you think.


This 12 month Work Life Balance program  is for you if you want to:52 Strategies to Work Life Balance book cover

  • Feel less stressed and more in control of your work, life and personal finances
  • Improve your time-poor life and get more clarity
  • Make better informed decisions about your work life balance
  • Fine tune your work so that you are more productive, motivated and happier
  • Achieve greater fulfilment both inside and outside work
  • Have frequent reminders to make your life balance a priority
  • Life a life by design rather than a life by default.


The program includes:

  • 52 weekly strategies, delivered electronically
  • Close to 200 easy solutions and action steps
  • Quick check-in assessments and tools for busy people

The 52 Strategies to Work Life Balance program will help you get clarity on what balance means for you and how to achieve it, so that you can create a more fulfilling, satisfying and balanced life.

Why not get started on improving your work life balance?  Phone or email us for bulk orders or simply order now.


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