Unlock Your Life & Career Direction

This Career Development & Lifestyle Blueprint Tool is a suite of six assessment tools to help you create a blueprint of key criteria if you are wanting to gain much more clarity around their career direction, transitions choices or lifestyle changes. It is your DNA of personal strengths, talents and future satisfaction.


This is for you if you:

  • Want to clarify who you are so that you can clearly identify what you want
  • Want a benchmark, against which you can make more informed work and life decisions for the future
  • Want to truly understand what motivates you, what you enjoy, what you stand for, and where your talents lie, so that you can move forward with greater purpose.


The Career Development & Lifestyle Blueprint Tool includes:

  • Skills AuditCareer Development Lifestyle Blueprint dashboard
  • Values Assessment
  • Personality Profile
  • Interests Tool
  • Work Options
  • Obstacles Identifier
  • Summary page for each tool
  • One page Master Blueprint Summary


How does it work?

The Career Development & Lifestyle Blueprint tool takes you through six individual, easy-to-use, on-line tools which focus on your key strengths, talents and wants in work and life.

Each of the six tools can be completed in one sitting or individually according to your need and time schedule. Each tool gives you a summary page and there is also an overall one-page summary of all the results – your blueprint.


Maximise your life & career potential

NOTE: This Career Development & Lifestyle Blueprint Tool is also incorporated in Life by Design’s longer format Self-Leadership program.

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