Unlocking Your Potential

Employee engagement speakers and experts, Life by Design, provide employee engagement programs, courses, systems and tools. As employee engagement experts, Life by Design over the last 20 years is proud to have established a proven track record educating & training more than 50,000 employees and 100’s of top level organisations, including most of Australia’s top 10 companies, to become more engaged, motivated & fulfilled - simply and easily! Our specialities include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Maximising Performance & Productivity
  • Unlocking Work & Life Potential



Unlocking Workforce Potential with Employee Driven Engagement

Leaders in Employee Driven Engagement (EDE), Life by Design have a 20 year proven track record training over 50,000 employees and 100’s of top level organisations and Best Employers become more engaged, motivated & fulfilled – simply and easily!


Ian Hutchinson

Founder & Chief Engagement Officer

Ian is founder & Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of Life by Design and has been inducted into the Australian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, being honoured with the Educator Award of Excellence. He is author of ‘People Glue: Employee Engagement & Staff Retention Strategies That Stick!’, ‘Your Life by Design Kick Start’ and ‘52 Strategies to Work Life Balance’ as well as many e learning courses.


Life by Design Foundation

Inspiring Youth to Achieve Their Potential

Established in 2015, the Life by Design Foundation Youth Mentoring Scholarships help unlock the strengths and talents of Australia’s future generations who illustrate promise, but lack the support and resources to maximise their full potential.