Personal Development, Clarity & Control

In an increasingly busy world we are all being asked to “do more with less".  However, there is a lot more that we can control in our life, work and finances than many of us are giving ourselves permission for.  Sure there are things we can't control, but we have found that with clarity there is a lot more that we can control.

Clarity Creates Control

Most people know what they DON'T want; fewer truly know what they DO want. As such, many people live a life by default, rather than a life by design and sometimes find themselves unmotivated and disengaged in life and work.

Central to my approach is helping people get more clarity, and therefore control, of their own life and work by providing them with the learning along with the personal development systems and tools to take more responsibility in what they want now and in the future.

Our Specialisations

  • Personal Development
  • Work Life Balance
  • Talent & Job Fulfilment Maximisation
  • Career Development Plan & Future Vision
  • Personal Cash Flow Management
  • Lifestyle Planning & Life Design
  • Employee Engagement & Motivation

Most Popular Courses

Creating Your Life by Design

Increasingly we live in a world where we are all too busy and constantly feeling pressured to do 'more with less'. In this environment, rarely do we get time out to stop and focus on just our self – our life, our work, our finances, our motivation … what do we really want?

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Be Happier & More Fulfilled At Work

Even if you love your work, career check ups – just like medical check ups – can be hugely beneficial as they can periodically allow you to take on new exciting challenges to keep you growing, avoiding stagnation and staying stimulated, motivated and fulfilled.

In a constantly changing economy and work world, leaving your career to fate may not be doing yourself any favours. The good news is you can do something about it starting today!

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Balancing Your Life & Work - Made Simple

It is said that having work life balance will help you feel more in control of your well-being now and in the future. That you'll be healthier, have better relationships and even be more productive at work. It all sounds easy in theory, but harder in practice – right?

You can dramatically benefit from re-evaluating your work life balance priorities to ensure that you maximise your life's opportunities and minimise regrets.

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Money Made Simple - Your Personal Cash Flow

If you are like most people, you want a more fulfilling life and that probably means more financial freedom and independence. When your financial situation is in order it’s much easier to be stress-free, relaxed, doing what you want to do, rather than have to do. Money worries can be a huge emotional energy drain, sometimes making you feel helpless and potentially lowering your self-esteem.

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My Experience

I have worked with individuals from all walks of life, as well as employees in organisations such as: