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Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

Our e learning courses are presented by Work & Life Engagement authority, author and award winning trainer Ian Hutchinson (B.Bus, Grad.Dip.Psy, CSP).

Benefit from Life by Design’s world class, e learning courses & books, with proven track record in training across more than 50,000 individuals and 100’s of top level organisations.

  • Unlocking Work & Life Potential
  • Maximising Performance & Productivity
  • Employee Driven Engagement

Most Popular eLearning Courses

Kick Start Your Life by Design


For Individuals & Employees (<2 hour)
Get clarity of purpose with this personal development review to refresh & revitalise your life with Life by Design’s foundation tools.

People Glue Employee Engagement Solutions that Stick

Employee Engagement, Motivation & Productivity


For Leaders & Managers (3 hours)
Maximise productivity & performance with employee engagement with simple & easy strategies.


Create Your Life by Design - Foundation Course


For Individuals (2 hours)
Unlock your potential in work and life and finances with our proven, step-by-step, personal development tools & systems.

ilovejobsmallBe Happier & More Fulfilled At Work

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Improve your job fulfilment and boost your career development plan.


DandelionRightsmallWork Life Balance – Made Simple

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Quick solutions to getting back control of your work life balance with this personal development e learning course.


Be More Motivated At Work

For Individuals & Employees (<1 hour)
Clarify & control your work motivation, simply & easily and supercharge your career development plan.


Money Made Simple – Your Personal Cash Flow

For Individuals & Employees (1 hour)
Get back control of your cash flow quickly & easily with this personal development e learning system.


manUnlock Your Potential – Work, Life & Finances

For Individuals & Employees (2 hours)
Be happier, more motivated & fulfilled in your work, life & cash flow using our personal development e learning course.


Employee Engagement, Motivation & Productivity

For Leaders & Managers (3 hours)
Maximise productivity & performance with employee engagement with simple & easy strategies.


Your Career Development Plan & Future Vision

For Individuals & Employees (<2 hours)
Create an inspiring career development plan & life vision for your future.

Coming Soon

Obstacles Into Opportunities & Problems Into Positives

For Individuals & Employees (<2 hours)
A personal development e learning course to break through obstacles & barriers in life & work.

Coming Soon

Identify & Get Your Dream Job

For Individuals & Employees (<2 hours)
This personal development e learning course gives you strategies to identify & get your dream job.

Coming Soon

What Our e Learners Are Saying

  • This e learning, personal development program is well structured, with useful content & delivered in an engaging & captivating manner that gets you really thinking, inspiring action.  The downloadable handouts & templates get you focused on how to apply the content to your own situation & make the changes necessary for success.
    Mark Holden
    Director, Revolution VGM
  • As a career counsellor, most of the clients I see are living their lives by default. Ian Hutchinson has developed an elegant & practical personal development course enabling people to take more control over every aspect of their lives, & therefore evolve from living life by default to living life by design.
    Susie Roberts
    Career Counsellor, KRCC
  • We ran Life by Design's course for over 200 people across Australia & New Zealand. This personal development course provides the space to think, the tools to focus & a practical self-made career development plan to make your life more fulfilled & happy. You only get one chance in life – so take some time to reflect.
    Paul Smith
    Director, New Zealand at Merck
  • What I love about this personal development course is how complex concepts are presented in an easy to understand, warm & engaging style. I found it highly motivating & equipped with the tools, including the career development plan, I feel I can sustain the changes I'm making - & maximise my potential - well into the future.
    Brad Hook
    Director, Hook Media
  • By far this personal development course has been the most valuable personal 'kick in the pants' I have ever had.
    Kylie Upton
    Quality and Customer Focus Manager at 3 Mobile
  • Employee engagement speaker & expert, has for over a decade run his comprehensive training program for us that will also challenge your thinking & provide a practical foundation for implementable solutions.
    Leonie Stanfield
    National Communications Manager, Group Training Australia
  • This personal development course was an extremely efficient & streamlined way to take stock of my life, dig deeper into my priorities & make an instantly usable action plan to move forward with & get started on today.  Ian has provided straight up, clear, concise & realistic methods to completely overhaul your life in 90 minutes.
    Mike Sloan
    Founder, Operation Pondera
  • I can honestly say that the cash flow tool has been one of the most useful personal development tools that I have for keeping things on track.
    Kylie Upton
  • Our Hewitt employee engagement score rating went up 9 points, compared to the previous year. Thanks to employee engagement speaker & expert Ian Hutchinson for your continuing help in becoming a genuine Employer of Choice.
    John Bereton
    General Manager People and Technology, NTI
  • It’s vital as a manager to know what makes your people tick, what motivates & inspires them and employee engagement speaker & expert Ian Hutchinson's training, systems & tools really help you do that.
    Michelle Nichol
    Learning and Development Manager, TNT
  • Employee engagement speaker & expert Ian Hutchinson was fabulous to work with – innovative, insightful & relevant. His work was a critical element in our Hewitt employee engagement scores moving from 46% to 73%. He combines a deep knowledge of human motivation, personal development & behavioural change with real world practical processes to make change simple.
    Rich Hirst
    Head of Organisational Development, Vodafone Hutchison Australia
  • Employee engagement speaker Ian has run a number of employee engagement programs for Westpac & BT over the years. His Employee Driven Engagement work is a new generation philosophy for insightful organisations.  His programs, e learning & training courses have been excellent.
    Mark D'Silva
    Change Lead, Westpac
  • With simple & elegant tools, the process of coming to clarity about your work and life, & therefore, control of your happiness, couldn't be easier or more enjoyable. Personal development at it's best. Love it!
    Nigel Traill
    Director, Puzzle Media
  • This is a great personal development course for anyone wanting to take charge of their life & make some positive changes. Ian provides simple, practical tools to help you get clarity in your work and life. Excellent and easy to use.
    Katie Roberts
  • The program and career development plan that you have built is now a leading and recognised national initiative that enhances our participants' personal development - the envy of many. For that you deserve enormous credit.
    Jim Barron
    CEO, Group Training Australia
  • The United Nations WFP had a staff conference in Laos with national and international staff using one of Life by Design’s employee engagement expert e learning courses and personal development tools as key resources.
    Dr Michelle Sanson
    Protection Advisor, United Nations

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With simple tools, systems and proven strategies, getting control of your life, work & finances or motivating your team has never been easier.

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