No time to get CPR certified? At least get CPR friendly, in minutes. Life depends on it!

While 99% of Australians believe CPR is a ‘critical life skill,’ only 26% are CPR friendly. This means most Australians don’t know what to do and aren’t confident to provide potentially life-saving first responder care in an emergency situation. In Australia, 25,000 people die from an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year. It does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, anywhere with 5 Australians under 35 years of age dying each week from sudden cardiac arrest. You can make a difference to these statistics by becoming defibrillator aware and CPR friendly in minutes.

  • In Australia there is sudden cardiac arrests each year with someone dying every 17 minutes
  • Every minute that CPR is not administered reduces your loved ones chances of survival by 10%.
  • On average it takes an ambulance 10 minutes to get to an emergency – so just waiting for paramedics unfortunately doesn’t cut it.
  • 70% of people don’t know how to effectively administer CPR. As a result, only 32% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims receive CPR

In Australia only 9% of people who have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survive. Whereas the world record survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is 62%, held by Seattle, USA. The main reason for the difference is that 75% of Seattle’s population are CPR friendly and they have greater public access to defibrillators, whereas less than a third of Australians are CPR friendly. Why not get the confidence to know what to do to save your friends and family and get CPR friendly?. Because of this, Life by Design has set up a life saving passion project –

The Mission 
‘Saving lives by helping anyone get ‘CPR friendly’ in minutes, and inspiring people to create heart smart communities, starting in their own backyard.’

The Philosophy
70% of the population do not know how to provide CPR and this statistic is costing us valuable lives of our loved ones. If everyone was ‘CPR certified,’ more lives would be saved, but certification requires time, money and the inclination to invest half a day to attend training. Influenced by the Australian Resuscitation Council’s catchphrase ‘Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt.’ CPR friendly is about teaching the basics so you are confident to call 000 and provide CPR while waiting for help to arrive.

Learn CPR in Minutes
80% of sudden cardiac arrests occur at home. Only 9% of victims survive. We believe an extra 50,000 CPR friendly people per year, and 2,000 more Automated External Defibrillator (AED)s in our community, can change this statistic. Our CPR friendly micro sessions are designed to be quick and easy. Check out the free ‘cut to the chase’ training. You can choose from a cheeky 5 seconds up to 3 hours – take your pick! Learn more

CPR Friendly Events
Whether you are a family, street, local club, school/uni, workplace or conference event organiser we can help anyone get more defibrillator and CPR friendly. provides access to checklists and resource kits to help you host and run your own community or workplace event. We also provide ideas and opportunities on how to raise funds to purchase your own Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Explore events

Further Information
If you have any further questions please contact CPRfriendly.