Employee Engagement, Employee Driven

Leaders in employee engagement solutions, Life by Design has a 20 year proven track record helping more than 50,000 employees and 100’s of top level organisations and Best Employers become more engaged, motivated & fulfilled  – simply and easily!


Employee Driven Engagement

Employee Driven engagement is the self-responsibility approach to engaging and motivating employees is the missing link that makes employee engagement simple and easy for human resources, people leaders and employees. It empowers everyone throughout the organisation with quick win tools and sustainable systems that unlocks workforce potential and creates a self-responsible, engaged and motivated culture.

The great news is that over 80% of productivity, employee engagement & motivation can be improved by the individual employee themselves – it’s just that until now most haven’t known how.


Clarity Creates Control

Psychologically many employees know what they don’t want. However, few really know what they do want. If employees don’t know what truly engages and motivates them in work and life, it is virtually impossible to sustainably engage them and maximise productivity and performance.

The science to effective engagement understanding individual differences since everyone is engaged and motivated by different things. The art is in making this simple and easy to do.


Our Specialisations

  • Employee Engagement & Motivation
  • Self-Leadership & Responsibility
  • Workforce Productivity & Performance
  • Employee Driven Engagement (EDE)
  • Talent Maximisation
  • Career Development
  • Work Life Balance


Our Experience

We have worked with five of Australia’s Top 10 companies, many Best Employers as well as organisations such as: