for Employees is all about providing employees with clarity about their own motivational engagement drivers,  with self-leadership resources and tools so they can activate and maintain responsibility for their own engagement. The system puts employees back in control of their own motivation, helping them take more control of their own work, life and personal finances, so they are naturally more productive.


Helps employees’ accountability:

  • Individually driven engagement and motivation
  • Personal Engagement Plan (PEP)
  • On-Going culture of self-leadership and responsibility


Makes responsibilities simple for employees with personally relevant tools to help:

  • Identify, benchmark and manage their own motivational engagement drivers
  • Create their own Personal Engagement Plan (PEP)
  • Formulate a success plan and help them realise their potential
  • Develop career plans for now and the future
  • Take control of their personal finances and cashflow
  • Set goals and success strategies in all facets of their work and life
  • Better self-lead and control their own work life balance
  • Embed a philosophy of self-leadership


The tools and systems within are based on the highly researched employee engagement drivers, which are proven to activate employees’ key motivators.


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