Engaging Evidence – Case Studies

Below you will find a cross-section of employee engagement case studies, scenarios and success stories for different sized organisations.

We have worked with the majority of Australia’s top 10 companies, including multiple ‘Best Employer’ award winners, as well as in North America, Asia and the Middle East.

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Reduced staff attrition by 23%

With offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, 5-time Best Employer Award winner Randstad asked Life by Design® to deliver an employee engagement program to enhance their human capital management strategy. Recruitment company Randstad had Life by Design® run an Employee Activated Engagement initiative which included the integration of in-house training and our online employee-driven productivity system meCentral.com for all their employees, helping their people fast track their engagement and motivation in work and life.

The Results

Since implementing its human capital management strategy, Best Employer Randstad has seen a decline in staff attrition by 23%.

Victoria Bethlehem, Director of Knowledge Management

Engagement scores improved 13%

3 Mobile was an employee engagement rising star who systematically committed to innovatively transforming their predominately Generation Y culture from the inside out using Life by Design’s Employee-Driven Productivity and Self-Leadership approach. They had us run over 25 full day programs throughout Australia to better engage and motivate their people. meCentral.com was used very successfully pre and post program with around 85% of their total workforce using the system to better manage their work, life and personal finances.

The Results

Their engagement scores improved 13%, an amazing result considering Hewitt & Associates deem an excellent result being a 6-9% engagement score improvement.

Life by Design was fabulous to work with – innovative, insightful and relevant. Their work was a critical element in our Hewitt engagement scores moving from 46% to 73%. They combine a deep knowledge of human motivation and behavioral change with real world practical processes to make change simple.

Richard Hirst, Head of Organisational Development, 3 Mobile

Best Change Management in 2012 HR Awards and Top Employer in Australia 2013

TNT is a global organisation with over 5000 employees in Australia and New Zealand. To maximise employee engagement Life by Design delivered a series of People Glue Programs for leaders and executives across the region. TNT resonated so strongly with the methodology that they have subsequently embedded our 7 Motivational Drivers into their culture, including performance reviews.

The Results

Despite a challenging period including the GFC, industrial disputes and a corporate buy-out – when you would expect engagement scores to stay stable at best – overall engagement score increased.

TNT have taken additional steps towards creating a sustainable, Employee-Driven Productivity approach by providing meCentral.com access to employees.

TNT has gone on to win 2012 Best Change Management in the Australian HR Awards and also be certified as one of the Top Employers in Australia 2013.

For TNT the biggest benefit (of meCentral.com) is knowing what engages their employees and what they can do to get the most out of their staff.

Karly Curtis, People and Organisational Development

Staff turnover reduced to 8%

Software giant SAP employs almost 500 people throughout Australia and NZ. As is the case with many organisations, their workforce was being asked to do more with less. The competitive environment was understandably a challenge for their busy time poor workforce. SAP liked our self-leadership approach, so Life by Design® implemented the following key phases:

  1. Present at their national conference
  2. Conduct a leadership program for their top executives and CEO
  3. Conduct a piece of consulting work around employee-driven productivity
  4. Facilitate a series of Self-Leadership programs throughout Australia and New Zealand
  5. Implement meCentral.com for all employees (and uniquely their spouses)

The Results

The result was that SAP transformed their employee engagement to a point where staff turnover was reduced to the ideal sweet spot of only 8%

Excellent news – good to see it’s working! You do make it easy!

David Willis, SAP HR Manager

Engagement scores up 9 points

Backed of two of Australia’s largest general insurers CGU and Vero, NTI has become the market leader in the heavy commercial motor insurance industry, with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

NTI had Life by Design work with them on fast-tracking their employee engagement strategy.

Our Employee-Driven Productivity approach was the key to maximising workforce potential. We helped NTI unlock workforce potential by increasing engagement and motivation simply and easily. The strategic implementation included:

  1. People Glue: Leadership engagement program
  2. Self-Leadership: Employee self-responsibility programs
  3. meCentral.com: Motivation & engagement sustainability system
  4. The Results

    e last 12 months since using meCentral.com – thanks for your continuing help in becoming a genuine Employer of Choice.

    John Brereton, General Manager People & Technology, NTI