for People Leaders equips people leaders with easy to use tools, resources and dashboards to confidently be responsible for their team engagement and to simply motivate their people to be more productive, more engaged and increase performance.


Helps make people leaders be accountable for:

  • Engagement Driver Optimisation
  • Team Engagement Plans (TEP)
  • Monitoring Personal Engagement Plans (PEP)


Makes these responsibilities simple for people leaders to:

  • Create Team Engagement Plans (TEP)
  • Use quick-view one page dashboards
  • Gauge the specific engagement drivers and motivational strategies for their entire team
  • Identify their team’s current engagement scores
  • View a summary of key engagement drivers and motivational strategies for maximising each employee’s potential (PEP)


Access to the ‘Leaders Lab’ provides powerful learning modules so people leaders can utilise efficient, innovative ways to understand and engage their teams effectively by maximising each employee’s potential.


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