Ian Hutchinson

Employee Engagement Expert + Speaker + Author

Ian Hutchinson (B.Bus, Grad.Dip.Psy, CSP) is an employee engagement expert, Australian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame speaker & trainer, being honored with the Educator of the Year for Excellence Award.


As an employee engagement consultant, Ian has authored a number of books including: ‘People Glue: Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions That Stick!’, ’52 Strategies to Work Life Balance’ and ‘Your Life by Design – Kick Start’


Ian has international employee engagement consulting expertise, presenting at major conferences and events in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, combined with over two decades of local experience and engagements with the majority of Australia’s top 10 companies.


For the past 20 years Ian has had the privilege of helping 100’s of organisations as an employee engagement consultant unlocking their potential. As an employee engagement expert he has also worked with tens of thousands of employees and individuals, helping them become happier, more motivated, fulfilled and on purpose through his simple, easy-to-use innovative programs, tools & systems.


Employee engagement expert and speaker Ian Hutchinson's work around creating self-responsible cultures is leading edge and got great buy-in from our people.  His work made a difference to not only our team culture but also many individuals' personal development.

Mike Goodall, General Manager, ANZ Financial Planning

Ian’s Employee Engagement Expert Topics


For People Leaders and Managers

  • People Glue: Maximising Performance & Productivity with Employee Driven Engagement
  • Employee engagement & motivation for leaders & managers
  • The 7 Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
  • Unlocking Workforce Potential


For Employees and Individuals

  • Self Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential In Work & Life
  • Employee Driven Engagement: The Self Responsibility Approach Engagement & Motivation
  • Be Happier & More Fulfilled @ Work + Life
  • Create Your Life by Design


The program and career development plan that you have built is now a leading and recognised national initiative that enhances our participants' personal development - the envy of many. For that you deserve enormous credit.

Jim Barron, CEO, Group Training Australia


Ian has a Bachelor of Business in Management and Marketing, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and has studied internationally in career development (which all combined makes him a very confused individual!).

As an employee engagement expert, Ian has been profiled in mainstream media such as The New York Times, The Australia Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, The Today Show (Channel 9), Today Tonight (Channel 7) and Reality Bites (ABC).


Ian’s Specialisations & eLearning Courses

Mentoring Programs

Ian also makes himself available for a limited number of exclusive one-on-one, 6 to 12 month mentoring and coaching programs annually.


Ian lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. He is a self confessed doting dad to his beautiful daughter, Sierra. He is passionate about his work, 'walks the talk' and lives by the philosophy “Have a fun youthful attitude, keep things simple and above all remember that life is for living.”


Since implementing its human capital management strategy with Life by Design's employee engagement speaker & expert Ian Hutchinson as well as their online courses & e learning programs, Best Employer Randstad has seen a reduction in staff turnover of 23%.

Victoria Bethlehem, Director of People & Development at Randstad


Ian has worked with individuals from all walks of life, as well as employees in organisations such as: