Maximising Individuals’

Potential in Work and Life

For: All Employees & Individuals
Format: From 1 hour to 1 day


Self Leadership: Creating a Self-Responsibility Workforce

This program is personally inspiring and helps participants to maximise their performance and productivity in their work, life and personal finances, now and in the future. It equips individuals to take more control of their own motivation, creating a self-responsible workforce. This ‘self-responsibility approach’ to employee engagement and motivation is an innovative, employee-centric solution for both personal and organisational success.

The challenge is that most employees know what they don’t want; fewer know what they do want. If employees don’t know what they want and what truly motivates and engages them, how do people leaders & managers properly engage them?


Clarity Creates Control

Increasingly we live in a world where we are all too busy and constantly feel like we are all being asked to do ‘more with less’. In this environment everyone needs to get more clarity around what they can control, rather than waste time and energy on what they can’t control, so they can take more responsibility and be more resilient.

We know that clarity creates control and control empowers success.

Rarely do we get time out to just stop and focus on our self – our life, our work, our finances, our motivation … and what we really want? This course provides the opportunity to stop, refresh and refocus with practical systems, strategies and tools – and the good news is, it’s all about the individual!

This innovative course helps individuals get clarity and take more responsibility for their own engagement and motivation, so they are more productive now and in the future.



All participants will be able to:

    • Create their own Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) for improving their motivation & engagement by as much as 80%
    • Understand that there is much more that they can control than they ever thought possible
    • Take more responsibility for their work, life and personal finances
    • Activate quick-win strategies for improving job fulfilment by as much as 90%
    • Develop strategies and development plans for more informed discussions with their manager in the review process.


Complementary Initiatives

This Self Leadership program ideally works hand in hand with the People Glue Leaders Program.

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This program is also available for individuals & employees as a mobile friendly eLearning Course

eLearning Course


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