The 3 Key Questions To Life Success

Life Success

What are the top 3 key questions to ask yourself about life success? How do you know if you are winning in life? What’s your measure of success? Could you talk about what you want from life for 5-10 minutes? Most people can’t.


My Mantra: Clarity Creates Control

One of the biggest challenges in life is to get real clarity on what you want.  It is easy to know what you don’t want, it’s much harder to know what you really do want. Once you have clarity you are more likely to get what you want. So clarity in fact creates control

Gaining real clarity in life on what you want is a key step to life success. Get clarity and you are much more likely to know what strategies or steps you need to take to achieve happiness.

In my Life by Design programs, most people agree that ‘happiness’ is a key measure of life success to strive for. On the surface this makes perfect sense, but we need to delve deeper and get more specific (more clarity) to identify what uniquely makes YOU happy.


Being Specific About Happiness

‘Happiness’ can be a little non-specific for putting in place personalised strategies for the purposes of achieving a meaningful outcome. We need to ask ourselves better questions – and the quality of the answers almost always correlates to the quality of the questions.


The 3 Key Questions

  1. PRIORITIES QUESTION: What are the most important key priorities in your life that will contribute most to your happiness?
  1. STRATEGIES QUESTION: What specifically needs to change, or be different, for you to maximise achievement in each of those priorities? (You will need to list 3 specific, measurable strategies that will improve each of your 3 priorities)

   It’s all good and fine to have goals and strategies, but the power of any of these ideas is only in the implementation.

  1. IMPLEMENTATION QUESTION: What specific, regular habits are you now prepared to commit to, to ensure that successful implementation of your strategies will be put into place?

Successfully answering the 3 key questions above will help you unlock your potential and be happier and feel more successful – so you are living your life by design, not default.


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