The 3 Foundations Of Success & Happiness

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A Life by Design – Not A Life by Default

Success & happiness, fulfilment, freedom & purpose… In our work, and in our life… It’s a dream virtually everyone wants. And I’m guessing you’re the same and that’s why this might have spiked your interest.

But for most of us, we just don’t know how to achieve an ideal ‘life by design’.

So, what are the 3 key foundations of success & happiness that you really need to get clear on to live more a ‘Life by Design”?

Today’s Special Video Tutorial

This tutorial (6 mins 22 secs) is one of the introductory lessons from my Life by Design – The Foundation Course.

It will help you get clarity around the 3 pillars of success.  So let’s get going… I hope you enjoy it!




3 Key Foundations of Success & Happiness

Success & happiness in life is very much determined by how well you can self-lead, how much you can self-manage and control your own life.

As I’ve discussed in previous lessons, the challenge is you first need real CLARITY on what it is you need to manage to be able to better CONTROL your life, work and money.

But the problem is, most people know what they don’t want, fewer know what they really do want.

Your Key Foundation Stones

The key is really about helping you get:

  • More control of what you truly want in YOUR LIFE
  • More control of YOUR WORK FULFILMENT
  • More control of YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES

Clarity and control of these 3 foundation areas will put you in the driver’s seat of your own life, so you feel happier and more successful … and moving forward living more a ‘Life by Design’ rather than a life by default.


How Clear Are You Really?

Challenge Yourself – Try This Exercise NOW!

Could you talk to a friend for 5-10 minutes about what you really want in each of these 3 areas with real clarity? That’s 5 minutes each for life, work and personal finances.  Most people can’t!

Test yourself.  Do it NOW!

Have a chat with yourself, yes out loud …. trying to be as clear and specific as possible about what you really want in each of these 3 foundation areas:

  1. Life (5 mins)
  2. Work (5 mins)
  3. Personal Finances  (5 mins)

Go into as much detail as you can – and make sure you time yourself!

See how you really go – I bet if you do this exercise exactly as outline above, it will be much harder than you first thought!


How Did You Go?

If you are like most people you probably found it more challenging than you thought it would be.

If so, the question is now how do you get more clarity, so you can take more control of your life, work and finances?  … and live more a ‘Life by Design’ rather than a life by default.


My Favourite Tools & Resources

Hopefully, if you have been experiencing some of my previous blogs or joined my free Kick Start course you are starting to get some clarity in a few small areas of your life using some of our quick introductory tools and tutorial videos.

But there is so much more that I’d like to help and share with you.

So… to help you on your way….

I have a 4 step system with my most effective downloadable tools all wrapped up in one online course.  This easy-to-use Life by Design – Foundation Course delivers the simple but effective strategies that will truly help you feel happier and more successful, in your life, work and your personal cash flow.

The good news is – I’m confidant, that with my experience and guidance, you’ll find the tools and step-by-step strategies are easy to implement.


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