How Committed To A Better Life Are You?

Don’t You Deserve a Better Life?


Do you sometimes find yourself whinging and complaining about life or work wishing it was better? Do you find yourself putting up with life in quiet desperation?

Ever find yourself saying “I’ll get around to changing things one of these days” – but like most people you never get around to taking the required action and commitment.

Oh but “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the tools to get the clarity on what I need to do”.

Well the tools are available (see below), you just need to commit to making the time to have a better life.  As they say “If not today, then when?”

Are you worth investing 15 minutes a day in for the next few days for a better life?  Or just 1-2 hours if you want to get the clarity in one sitting?


Power Is In The Implementation

By doing one of our most popular short, self-paced, online courses you can greatly increase your chances of having a more fulfilling and happier life, better life…. as long as you get started now and then start implementing some of the simple strategies.  Then you just have to stay on track and keep taking small baby steps – its as easy as that.

The secret is to do it and make time for the steps. The real power of any ideas/strategies are only in the implementation. So the benefits will not become apparent until you implement it.   If you don’t work through the various steps, take action and implement the strategies, it’s a bit like planning a holiday but never going and enjoying the experience.



Life by Design Foundation Course - Click Here For Instant Access

“This program is well structured, with developed content & delivered in a
engaging & captivating manner that gets you really thinking, inspiring action.
The downloadable handouts & templates get you focused on how to apply the content
to your own situation & make the changes necessary for success”.

Mark Holden

I’m Here to Support You

There is so much that I’d like to share with you that I know will help.

So I’d like to tell  you a little bit more about my Life by Design – Foundation Course which has already had over 50,000 individual students using it’s tools and systems.  So I’m certain it will help take you to the next level.

Life by Design – Foundation Course

This time proven Life by Design – Foundation Course is your opportunity to stop, refresh and refocus with practical, downloadable systems, strategies and tools. And the good news is, it’s all about YOU! The challenge is that most people know what they don’t want; fewer know what they do want.

Course Outcomes:

  • Take more control of your life, work & finances thanyou ever thought possible
  • Feel happier and in control of your future direction
  • Be more successful with improved motivation in your work & life
  • Dramatically improve your work life balance, simply and easily
  • Have more freedom and reduced stress with your own cash flow system
  • Create your very own ‘Life by Design’ rather than living a life by default


This Course Includes:

  • 30+ cut to the chase video lessons & tutorials
  • 2-5 minute videos for 24/7 mobile friendly use
  • Life Priorities downloadable tool
  • Job Fulfilment downloadable tool
  • Motivational Drivers downloadable tool
  • Personal cash flow system for lifetime use
  • Cash flow guide e-book


“What I love about the course is how complex concepts are presented in an
easy to understand, warm & engaging style. I found it highly motivating & equipped
with the tools, feel I can sustain the changes I’m making  & maximise my potential,
well into the future.”

Brad Hook


Life by Design vs life by default

Strategies for creating a Life by Design, rather than a life by default, are easier than you think, and through my guidance and over 20 years’ experience in helping individuals, this user friendly course shows you how.

 Life by Design Foundation Course

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