Top 12 Employee Engagement Quotes

Top 12 Employee Engagement Quotes

Below are some of our favourite employee engagement quotes, many of which are from the book People Glue: Employee Engagement Strategies That Stick!  In these times of ‘doing more with less’ every organisation wants to maximise productivity and performance and the most intelligent way is through effective employee engagement and motivation.  Here’s what’s being said:

1. “Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of future proofing our organisation’s productivity and performance”.

2. “Engagement = Motivation = Performance = Productivity = Profitability”

3. “Your number 1 customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.”

4. “Clarity creates control. Most employees know what they don’t want, fewer know what they really do want.”

5. “If employees don’t know what truly motivates them, their leaders have virtually no chance of motivating them.”

6. “Over 90% of employee engagement, motivation & productivity can be improved by the individual employee themselves – it’s just that until now most haven’t known how.”

7. “As far as engagement goes, the fish always rots from the head. People leaders need to be the catalyst to improving productivity and performance, but they can’t if their teams are not first engaged. Engage and motivate your people to get A’s not Zzzzzz’s.”

8. “Continually recruiting new people is no way for an organisation to be competitive and productive moving forward. Organisations that are short of engaged talent probably deserve it.”

9. “Relationships are the central nervous system of any organisation and appreciation is the simplest, easiest and most powerful motivational tool.”

10. “What if you train people and they leave? Worse still is not training them and they stay.”

11. “Many people are unmotivated, not because they have a great reason to be, but rather because they have not been given a great reason to be motivated & engaged.”

12. “Regarding employee engagement, yes we need to pay people more – pay them more attention! It’s just not about the money.”


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