Success In The Systems


Only a small proportion of the population take the time to make written plans for their future.
An even smaller proportion, take the time to create systems to ensure they
do the small regular tasks to actually achieve them.

As I have said many times before … “clarity creates control”. It’s key to first get clarity of purpose with a clear vision for yourself.

Once you have clarity around what exactly you want from your life and work, it will be much easier to work out the strategies and small steps to achieve what you want and make it all happen. However knowing the strategies and steps on their own are virtually useless unless you have the intention to action them.

Your chances of success are greatly increased if you have a regular systematic process (or habits and rituals) and the intention to use it with discipline.
 h2>The Implementation Habit For Success

Having a well-defined plan of action and clear strategies is great. But, hey, didn’t we forget that human beings need help to take the little steps along the way to make it all happen? After all, the power of any plan is only as good as the action taken to implement it. So get into the implementation habit now!

To achieve your ideal life you need to practise your best intentions every day. With a diligent approach and the daily habit of small steps, you will maximise your chances of reaching your ideal life in no time.

The telecommunications company AT&T has a slogan, ‘Success is in the system’. A successful life is, to a large degree, a system or repeated habits all designed to head you in the right direction.

Therefore it is useful to have some form of accountability process or monitoring system to move your strategies and small steps through to completion.
 h2>The Smallest Things Will Make The Biggest Differences

Whether you use phone reminders or an app, a priorities board that you review weekly or you have a coach or buddy system, it doesn’t matter – whatever system works best for you.

As long as it does work for you – and you work for it.

Remember, the smallest things can make the biggest differences, so here are a couple of quick, practical ideas to kick your implementation habit off.
 h2>Quick Wins For Success

1. Invest just 1% of your day – make it a daily habit
Do you value yourself enough to invest just 1% of each day towards you and your future? Investing just 15 minutes of your day in you is only 1% of your day. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes if you do it first thing in the day before you get distracted by other things.15 minutes a day adds up to over 90 hours a year or over 2 weeks of full time work.  Imagine what you accomplish in that time if done consistently.

2. Fast-track with technology
Get a smart phone reminder system that keeps your actions top of mind and your momentum moving forward. Put small step reminders in your diary in advance before your time gets gobbled up by other less important priorities!

3. Get a brains trust
Start a Brains Trust, where a group of 5-8 people meet every month, quarter or every 6 months and review each other’s progress. This helps generate new ideas and different ways of doing things while also making you more accountable. Each meeting one of you hosts the Brains Trust. It works really well and is a bit like having your very own Board of Directors.

4. Block out time units
Make sure you allocate enough time for the most important things in life and work. Book time in your life well in advance (days, weeks & months).  Have you booked your next holiday or time to sit down and do your cashflow for your financial adviser yet?

5. Have a mentor or buddy catch up
Team up or adopt someone to be a positive support system for you – such as sounding board buddy, coach or mentor. Schedule a 20 minute coffee catch up for next week with your new buddy/mentor to walk them through your vision & action plans.  If you can’t meet then, how about a regular phone call or Skype.

6. Personal reviews
Have review days or ‘happy hours’ once a week with yourself. Lock this time in your diary now and commit to it.

We’re sure you will agree these things are EASY to do.  The problem is they are easier NOT to do.  But if you want something to change, you have to change something. The choice is now yours.
 h2>Quick Check In

Click here to do a quick check in assessment to give you a better idea of how you are going in implementing intentional success systems in your life.


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