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Your Personal Audit


If audits are mandatory business tools, then surely a personal audit would be useful and beneficial in our own life as a helpful benchmarking tool?

Establishing clear goals and having regular reviews have been proven to be an important indicator to maximising your potential success and happiness in life.  Having these clear benchmarks in life and work can be useful in identifying any corrective strategies that may be needed to get you back on course.


Components of Your Personal Audit

Your personal audit can be as complex or as simple as you like and can be made up of a range of various factors.

Here are some different ideas with varying complexities, on what your personal audit may contain:


  1. Your Bucket List

A bucket list is a commonly known tool, but greatly underutilised.  It is simply a master list of 50-100 ideal life goals.  My personal bucket list is broken down and time-lined yearly. Or think of your bucket list as short-term (1-6 months), medium-term (1-3 years) and long-term (3-10 years and beyond) goals.

To get you started ask yourself “What would you love to do in life if you didn’t have to work?” and also “What would you regret if didn’t do it ever in your life?”


  1. Your Priorities

Think about life priorities such as health, family, love, relationships, social, financial, intellectual growth, spiritual, contribution, work and creativity/hobbies. Now, identify your most important top three for the next year ahead that would contribute most to your happiness in life. Check out the Life by Design – Foundation Course for tools and systems on identifying life and work priorities.

Once you have come up with your top three priorities, identify three specific strategies for each one that would improve it over the next 12 months.


  1. Your Top 5 Values

Incorporating your top five values into your personal audit can be extremely useful for cross referencing on how congruently you are living your life.  Ensuring you are living your values and they are in alignment, is a key measure to living an authentic and happy life.

 The top values in my Personal Audit for example are – freedom, independence, fun, creativity and integrity/authenticity and I try to live by these. It’s like having my own personal compass (of values).

What are the top five values that you want to ideally live by?


  1. Your Daily Habits

You might also like to consider three daily habits as part of your personal audit that you check off each day. For example: Exercise daily (bike, gym or walk), meditate each morning before getting out of bed, spend a minimum of 15 mins each day on achieving my bucket list or strategies from my priorities.


Some Personal Audit Resources

I have set up my personal bucket list, priorities and daily habits using the Trello app on my iPhone.

Like me, you might like to consider setting reminders in your phone calendar to automate reminders and help keep you on track.

Being guided through a regular personal audit on life and work will more likely lead to enhanced happiness and success. Check out the Life by Design – Foundation Course for tools and systems on identifying life and work priorities.


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