Employee Clarity Creates Control And Self Responsibility

Employee Clarity

The fact is that most employees know what they don’t want; but fewer know what they really do want, and that includes knowing what truly does engage and motivate them. Employee clarity is key.  If organisations truly want to engage and motivate employees, they must recognise everyone is different.  Take the ‘workforce of one’ philosophy’ into account, and treat employees as the individuals that they are, not just team members or a payroll number.

Isn’t that too complicated when everyone is so unique?    NO! Although the application does require some simple know-how.

Personal Engagement Plans Maximise Engagement & Motivation

Personal Engagement Plans (PEPs) are by far the most effective and easy way to engage and motivate people – by having them engage and motivate themselves!

PEPs might sound like a paradigm shift, but all leaders should have been having these discussions with their workforce all along.

Enlightened HR Leaders

Increasingly, enlightened HR Leaders are understanding that helping employees get clear on what engages and motivates them personally is the most important step in maximising productivity and performance.

Psychologically, If Employees Are Not Clear Then It Creates Three Further Issues:

  1. Employees tend to default to pay and reward as the main motivator and potentially revert back to a ‘whinge entitlement’ culture.
  2. People leaders will have virtually no chance of engaging them.
  3. Employees don’t take responsibility for their own engagement and motivation because they don’t know where to start.

So instead of implementing top-line initiatives, organisations who are serious about improving performance and productivity need to arm leaders and employees with the tools and resources to be able to do Personal Engagement Plans. They then enable individual employees to better understand and be responsible for what engages and motivates them, enhancing employee clarity.

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