Is ‘Engagement’ Becoming a Dirty Word

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The ‘E’ Word

Is ‘Engagement’ Becoming a Dirty Word?  Maybe it’s the general organisational population that’s getting tired of the ‘Engagement’ word because it is over used.


Engagement = Motivation

Fair enough, engagement is very employer-centric.  “How can we engage you more (for the betterment of profitability)?” some sceptical employees might suggest. Perhaps consider using ‘Motivation’ or ‘Talent Driver’ as they are fundamentally the same thing, but more employee-centric.


Repackaging the Benefits

Maybe you are not a sceptic, as you understand the win-win for employee and employer. The benefits of engagement clearly for employer are productivity, performance and profitability. The benefits for employees are feeling happier, fulfilled, satisfied, balanced and more motivated using their strengths (rather than drained using their weaknesses).

Engagement needs to be repackaged and repositioned and it is up to leadership. We are all leaders, so it is up to us.


What is Leadership Anyway?

Answer: Leadership is all about maximising productivity and performance.  As we are all leaders, we should be obsessed with increasing productivity and performance positively through motivation.

So why not get greater buy-in from the whole organisation by having all leaders start conversations about what MOTIVATES their people, rather than what engages them?


Leadership Challenges

  1. Most leaders don’t have the skills, tool or resources to have those conversations around motivation
  2. Most leaders aren’t psychologists, coaches or counsellors
  3. Most employees know what demotivates them, but most don’t know what truly motivates them
  4. If most employees don’t know what motivates them, leaders have no chance of properly motivating their team


Good News: The Solution is Employee Driven

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