With ‘Self Leadership’ everyone is a winner

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With ‘Self Leadership’ everyone is a winner

In this current environment, we are all being asked to ‘do more with less’. As such, many of us are becoming battle fatigued by ordinary life and, in many instances, stressed and frustrated that we are not getting where we really want to get. More time isn’t the solution as we all only get 168 hours a week no matter who we are but self leadership is.


We Want More Control

Like 80% of the population we are finding it increasingly difficult to get control. Psychologically we all want more control of our lives, our work and our finances. The real reason that most people don’t get control is CLARITY (a lack of) !  It’s understandable, as we are all busy keeping our heads above water in the day to day. We rarely have the time or the tools to get the clarity on strategies that will give us more control.



More Clarity is Key

A lot of people think they are clear on their vision, but aren’t really. You see most people know what they don’t want and what doesn’t motivate them (that’s the easy part), but fewer know with real clarity what they really do want and therefore what engages them.

We never have enough time to do everything we want, but we always have enough time to do the most important things. The key, and first step in self leadership, is taking out a little bit of time to work out what the most important things really are.


The New Motivational Renaissance!

What are the most important things in the world of business? Well the main business mantra over the centuries has been “the customer is Number One”. Let’s get clear about one thing – the next major shift in business management is realising that any organisation’s number one customer needs to be their employees. So helping people achieve maximum productivity and performance using the missing link – employee driven engagement – is the key.

However, the majority of companies continue to treat the serious issue of balancing competing work pressures and employees’ personal life needs, with a ‘band-aid’ effect by offering more benefits or ‘perks’ to win their loyalty.


Self Leadership Win-Win

True control is achieved when employees have greater clarity around what is important to them, so they can put themselves in the drivers seat of their own future. Through Self Leadership initiatives employees are then empowered, thus creating a personal and corporate win/win relationship.

Innovative companies are sponsoring ‘self leadership’ programs so that individuals can take personal responsibility and make more informed decisions around work, life balance, job fulfillment and personal financial management, rather than look to employers to always provide solutions.

Employee engagement may be an over-used management ‘buzz phrase’ at the moment, but the underlying social issue which created this concept remains valid: people are working harder and longer than at any other time in our industrial history and want to get back some personal balance and control of their work – and this first comes with clarity via self-leadership.

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