Why Stay Interviews Rule Over Exit Interviews, Every Time!

Stay interviews

Exit Interviews – A Waste of Time & Money?


Exit Interviews: Why they Leave?

Now, exit interviews are okay, but fundamentally, whether it’s true or not, people are going to say they are leaving for more: A) Money, B) Opportunity or C) Both.  They won’t say “I’m leaving ‘cos my manager was a dickhead… and Oh, could I have a reference please!”

So instead of wasting money and everyone’s time doing exit interviews, a far more effective approach is to do ‘Stay Interviews’.

Stay Interview: Why they Stay?

Asking “What are the top three reasons why you like working here?” is much more useful than finding out why they are leaving, as the horse has already bolted. So our advice, get rid of the exit interviews once and for all and reinvest your time and effort into stay interviews!

The Accumulated Benefits

So why do Stay interviews rule? Because they are the equivalent of doing individual engagement research, the same as doing Personal Engagement Plans (PEP) and Motivational Performance Reviews (MPR).

Simple Tips To Get Started

• Organise a casual 15-30 min coffee chat with one of your team.

• Explore why they like working with the organisation.

• See if you can together identify their top 3 motivators (engagement drivers).

• Ask them questions. What would need to change for each motivator to be improved for them?

• Using the info from your discussion create a Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) with them.

• Schedule another check-in for 3-6 months’ time.
Why not give it a go – you’ll be amazed at the outcomes.

Why not do it with the whole team now – then you can create a Team Engagement Plan (TEP)?


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