Retained Is Not Always Engaged!


Engaged vs Retained

Some companies see that employees are retained and assume that their people are engaged, but there can be a world of difference!

So let’s look at how they differ.

Retention – is about making sure people stay with the organisation.

Engagement – involves ensuring not only that people stay, but that they feel strongly about the role they play in the organisation and are internal raving fans.

This is why pure retention metrics can be misleading, as some retained employees may be complacent and disengaged and therefore contribute far less to the ongoing success of the organisation than do eager employees who are engaged.

Time & Money

Engagement is the key.  You can attract and recruit plenty of people, and train them comprehensively, but unless you engage them, all your efforts may be a waste of time and money if you haven’t first created an engaging environment and culture.

To effectively enhance performance and productivity we need engaged team members! People who will go the extra mile and come to the job with enthusiasm and a positive attitude to contributing to the department’s objectives.

This video highlights the difference between engaged and retained:



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