Creating Resilience & Control in Ever Changing Times


Changing Times Are Here To Stay

Changing environments, economic climates, restructures and mergers have certainly become the norm and most leaders generally accept that change is here to stay. But how do you as a leader best cope with this constant change, especially when it affects your people?

The Leadership Challenge

Do you feel that this has created a leadership challenge in your organisation or team especially around keeping your people motivated and engaged through this changing?

Most would agree the need to motivate and engage is even more critical than ever, especially when we are all trying to maximise productivity and performance. Creating a cultural foundation of resilience is a new priority.

Clarity Creates Control

Helping your people focus on self-leadership – focusing on what they can control in times of change, rather than get stressed and anxious about what they can’t control (in times of change) is the key. Clarity creates control. This video shines some light on the most effective way to motivate your people in these constantly changing times.  


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