Engagement Success: The Key Is Making It Simple

engagement success

Engagement Success

For engagement success and effective initiatives to be implemented a simple system is needed to make the application easy for all levels of the organisation. People leaders increasingly are being asked to do more with less, with demands from their own projects as well as requirements to better motivate and engage their people to maximise productivity.  So how do you make effective engagement strategies stick?

Keep It Simple!

Life by Design recognise this and have based their engagement process on getting clarity on 7 key motivational drivers – it’s a simple but powerful way to make a difference to an individual and team’s engagement. In this short video, Ian Hutchinson talks about using these 7 simple drivers for engagement success.



Simple Tools & Resources

To find out more about engaging individuals, here are some simple resources, tools and systems for engagement success:

1. Employee Engagement & Motivation Online eLearning Course 

2. People Glue iBook (by Ian Hutchinson)

3. meCentral.com (systemises employee engagement for everyone)