How Do You Engage a Remote Workforce?

remote workforce

The Central Nervous System

How do we engage a remote workforce that’s geographically spread around the country or for that matter the globe?

Communication & relationship building can be seen to be like the central nervous system of any organisation.  Without it, it cannot function efficiently.

Sure the key in any team is communication and making the most of maintaining relationships through interventions such as conferences and leveraging technology such as video conferencing.  But in the end the key is still understanding and maximising individuals motivational drivers! So make sure you and your people have clarity on what motivates them. If you all have clarity and you know what these important motivators are, then you can tap in meaningfully to each individual employee.

Systems such as help maximise the understanding and communication of motivational drivers remotely and have been licensed by organisations right around the world.

Personal Example of Remote Workforce Engagement

For more on this topic and to hear Ian Hutchinson explain an example of how Life by Design has been engaging a generation Y employee remotely for the last 2 years, watch the 2 minute video below.



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