How Engagement Helps When Companies Restructure

Engaging For Restructure

We know that change is part of our lives, whether that be in our personal life or in the corporate world.  With the global economy as it is, it is a fact that there are often restructure, mergers and other big changes happening within your organisation.  When this is happening, how important is engagement and when should we be helping our people most?

When To Engage In Changing Times

We often get asked by our clients: “Do we try and engage and help them before restructure or once the change has settled down a little?”

People who feel more in control are happier and more engaged for the journey, so it makes sense to help your workforce feel more in control as much as we can, even in times of great change.

Here’s what Ian Hutchinson has to say on this issue in 90 seconds…..



The Key During Change

Self-leadership initiatives are ideal to be run during times of uncertainty, restructure and change, as they allow employees to be more resilient and focus on what they can control, rather than what they can’t control during the change or restructure.

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