Engaging Generational Stereotypes

generational stereotypes

Don’t Put People In A Box

Think you can engage based on generational stereotypes? Think again.

You can’t put people in boxes when it comes to trying to engage the different generations – Boomers, X, Y, Z etc.  The fact is that everyone is motivated by different things and therefore it can be misguided and unproductive trying to stereotype.

Individual Differences Vs Generational Stereotypes

So focus on individual differences (or Employee Driven Engagement) as an employee engagement and retention approach. This way you won’t need to worry about generational stereotypes or differences.

This video might surprise you…..



Simple Tools & Resources

To find out more about engaging individuals, here are some simple resources, tools and systems:

1. Employee Engagement & Motivation Online eLearning Course 

2. People Glue iBook (by Ian Hutchinson)

3. meCentral.com (systemises employee engagement for everyone)