Employee Driven Engagement: Revolutionising Employee Engagement

Time For The Revolution

It’s a fact that virtually every organisation right now is being asked to ‘do more with less’. Therefore the key question right now should be, how do we maximise productivity and performance simply and easily? One of the most effective ways to intelligently fast-tracking productivity and performance is by maximising employee engagement and motivation.

The problem is that many organisations are getting frustrated and failing as many of the engagement solutions they are trying to implement to improve staff motivation aren’t getting effective ‘cut through’ and improving employee engagement scores.

So why aren’t many organisations getting the improved employee engagement results and performance improvements they were hoping for?  Well first let’s take a quick step back to the beginning…

Employee Engagement 101

OK, we know that employee engagement (EE) increases performance (P), productivity (P) and profitability ($) in organisations. EE=P+P+$.

Engagement utopia would be having 100% of our employees, 100% motivated and engaged 100% of the time. Sure, unrealistic but the ideal goal!

Employee engagement and motivation are seen as a soft skill by many organisational leaders, so to make it harder and more tangible (for the bean counters) we have researched the hell out of it. Arhhh… do we all feel better now? NO!

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