Barriers to Maximising Engagement & Workforce Productivity

The Obstacles

From our research studies over the last few years at we have found that there are six key obstacles stopping organisations fully realising their workforce potential when it comes to employee engagement:

1. Employee Clarity

“Most employees know what they don’t want; fewer know what really motivates and engages them. If employees don’t know what motivates them – how am I as their people leader going to have any chance?”

2. Time Poor

Also I’m too busy…engagement isn’t part of my KPI’s … anyway it’s a human resources issue isn’t it?”

3. Skills, Tools & Resources

“Our people leaders/managers aren’t psychologists, counsellors & coaches. They don’t have the confidence, skills or tools to have a meaningful discussion (Stay Interview) with their employees around motivation and engagement”

4. Inaction

“We are not sure what the ideal engagement solutions are for our organisation. We keep procrastinating and our indecision means we haven’t really committed to any engagement initiatives yet. Yikes – it’s almost time to do our next staff engagement survey!”

5. Leader Buy in & Commitment

“We haven’t been able to get full support for employee engagement from the most important areas of the business yet” as many old school manager say things like “We pay our people, that should motivate them”.

6. Ineffective Solutions

“The engagement initiatives we have put in place aren’t getting the results we had hoped for. In fact the more we give our employees the more it seems to create the whinge entitlement culture”

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