Putting Productivity & Engagement in Employee Hands

The Key To Productivity

More enlightened human resource leaders are becoming increasingly aware that getting employees clear on what engages and motivates them is the first most important step in intelligently maximising workforce productivity and performance.

The fact is that if most employees know what they don’t want or what engages them, fewer know what really they really do want and what really engages and motivates them. Psychologically if employees are not clear then it creates three problems:

1. Employees tend to default back to pay and reward as the main motivator.

2. People leaders will have virtually no chance in engaging them without clarity.

3. Employees can’t take responsibility for their own engagement and motivation.


Prove It For Yourself

The good news is that more than 70-90% of engagement and motivation (therefore productivity) can be improved by the employees themselves – it’s just that until now most haven’t known how. Once individuals are clear about what motivates and engages them individually they can take responsibility for activating their own engagement.

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