Why Should Leaders Be Responsible For Engagement & Motivation?

leadership responsibility

Leadership Responsibility

With leadership responsibility at a high and when our leaders are already being asked to do more with less, how can they get more proactive with improving productivity and performance within their team?

Ultimately, a leader is the catalyst to improving productivity and performance. The truth is, we all underestimate the power and responsibility managers have as a people leader and the impact that we can have with a very small investment of our time. Taking small but consistent steps towards motivating and engaging the team reaps immediate and sustainable results and can:

1. Saves Time & Money
Better utilisation of your team’s motivational drivers results in the multiplier effect of maximising performance & productivity

2. Increases Team’s Potential to Achieve Targets
A small investment of 1% of your time (15 mins a day) = big impact on productivity and performance in the short, medium and long-term

3. Builds Leadership Reputation
Be a ‘Leader of Choice’, look good and be highly sort after by having a reputation of an inspiring leader with a loyal, motivated and high performance team

4. Creates a Self-Responsible Culture
When your team individuals have clarity around what truly motivates them, the whinge entitlement culture can be replaced with a culture of self-responsibility

5. Makes a High Performing Team
Develop happier, fulfilled, high performing team individuals, who are less likely to leave.

6. Improves Positive Team Dynamics
Better understanding between yourself and your team, as individuals AND a cohesive team unit builds a foundation of respect, loyalty and productivity.

7. Creates Motivational Talent Management
Undertaking motivational performance reviews creates more positive and highly clarified development opportunities and an inspiring future vision.

Become An Inspirational Leadership Legend

The first step to becoming a leadership engagement legend is first understanding the 7 key motivational engagement drivers. Once you understand the key drivers it becomes much simpler and easier to implement both Personal Engagement Plans (PEP) and from there Team Engagement Plans (TEP), taking your leadership responsibility to a new level.


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