Is Middle Management Your Weakest Link in the Performance Stakes?

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Middle Management Needs Your Help

Recent research released by the Australian Institute of Management sights “Efforts to improve the productivity and performance of Australian organisations are being stymied by inefficient and under skilled middle management”.*

57% of middle managers described their performance in overseeing

staff performance as average or below.*

If that’s not a call to action, I’m not sure how much clearer it can be!

Over the years we have been asked numerous questions on the link between leadership and employee engagement.  In light of AIMs study we thought it might be timely to list our top three questions AND answers:

  1. How important are leaders in the engagement process?
    The old saying ‘A fish rots from the head’ has never been truer in relation to employee motivation and engagement.  Middle management need to be as engaged as possible, as do Human Resource departments, if an organisation intends to maximise productivity and performance of its workforce.  Read more….
  2. Is inexperienced leadership killing your employees’ productivity and performance?
    The influence of inexperienced leadership on engagement has driven Australian employee engagement scores down in the last couple of years (according to global research firm ORC International) to the point where we fell four places in the global engagement rankings.  Read more…
  3. How do we get leaders to buy into employee engagement?
    Sometimes leaders don’t buy into engagement. They are too busy, don’t believe in it or are just ill-informed about how engagement adds to the bottom line via increased productivity and performance. Read more …

*Australian Institute of Management survey, ‘Middle Managers – Evaluating Australia’s Biggest Management Resource


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