Is It Time Or Priority Management For Better Performance?

time management

Time Or Priority

I’m much more a fan of priority management than I am of time management.  Again, most people know what they don’t want (in life and work) but fewer know what they really do what. Also the fact of life is that we never have enough time to do everything, but we always have enough time to do the most important things.

No matter who we are on the planet, the universal humbler is that we all only get 168 hours a week. Are we spending our 168 hour time budget effectively and productively? How would we know unless we are clear on exactly what we are trying to achieve? The answer is becoming a little clearer. Priority management over time management.

So the key is taking out a little time, to get clarity on what the most important things truly are. The bottom line in maximising productivity and performance, in any pursuit, is to first work on the mantra of ‘clarity creates control’.

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