Energy For Better Business Performance


In our continuing discussion on what we can do to affect employee engagement, this blog will look at energy for better business performance.

Performance comes when people are engaged and motivated to be intrinsically driven to achieve a desired outcome.  Identifying what passionately drives an individual is vital.  Energy first comes with passion.  So again we can see that getting clarity around what motivates individual people and assisting them to maximise those motivators, will help drive their energy as well as productivity and performance.

The good news is that Life by Design’s Employee Driven Productivity (EDP) approach does all the heavy lifting for manages, leaders and organisation as it allows the individual to be able to take responsibility for their own engagement, motivation and therefore, energy levels.

We should also be aware that constant demands on energy levels should not be taken for granted and can sometimes lead to burnout, especially as we are all being asked to do more with less these days.

The philosophy of self-leadership is also important in maintain a healthy work life balance with clarity, and therefore enough control around the down time needed to recharge the batteries.  If it works for Olympic athletes, why shouldn’t the rest and recovery also be important for our own peak performance?


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