Better Business Performance Starts With Employee Alignment

Better Business Performance

If better business performance starts with employee alignment, but where does employee alignment start?   Alignment of employee vision and values all stems from clarity in the individual.

Clarity creates creates control on an organisational, as well as, an individual level.  Get both top down (the organisation) and the bottom up (employees) values and vision clear and communicated, and then match them both as much as possible to create a win-win scenario.

Constant communication, reinforcement and embedding of the aligned values and vision is then key.  Also integrating organisational and individual values, motivational drivers and visions into the performance review process is important as forward thinking leaders should aspire to creating a Motivational Performance Review (MPR), and again achieving an aligned win-win for the employees and the organisation.

Here’s a short message on the importance of motivational performance reviews and their impact on productivity and performance.



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