Make Employee Engagement Simple

make employee engagement simple

Make It Simple!

The No 1 issue for virtually every organisation right now is to maximise productivity and performance. Employee engagement is the avenue, and the key is to Make It Simple!

In previous articles we covered off the issue of ‘Who is responsible for engagement in your organisation?’. Ultimately everyone needs to be responsible for engagement – from the CEO to HR, to people leaders, right through to all employees.  With this as the case, then the key is to make the implementation of engagement and motivation as easy as possible for everyone, with a simple dialogue and consistent tools.


Clarity Creates Control

Unless everyone understands what creates engagement, then organisationally or individually it can’t be properly managed. If engagement can’t be managed then neither can productivity and performance, and therefore we all just become victims of a culture of untapped workforce potential, or even worse, disengaged, year in and year out.


Making Complexity Simple

So we need to bring order to the engagement complexity we have seen over the last few decades. We need to take the science of engagement research and use it as the foundation of an elegant art form that sustainably empowers implementation by everyone throughout the organisation.

Now this may sound complex, especially when a seemingly endless array of human behaviour is involved, but again, the key is making it simple and easy to implement.  The sophistication is in making the engagement knowledge & implementation gap easy to close.

  1. Close the Knowledge Gap

    • Simplify employee engagement research as it all boils down to only 7 drivers, so make them a common organisational vocabulary
    • Educate your people leaders first, then employees
    • Give people leaders and individual employees easy to use tools


    Close the Implementation Gap

    • Make everyone responsible by providing the systems to stitch engagement and motivation into process e.g. ‘Motivational Performance Reviews’ or Stay Interviews
    • Give people leaders the tools to create Team Engagement Plans (TEP) and become more locally empowered
    • Give individual employees the tools  to create Personal Engagement Plans (PEP) and increase self-responsibility

More on programs for people leaders and employees on knowledge and tools and systems for implementation.


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