What is Holding Business Back From Performing Better?

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What’s the hold up?

But perhaps, more importantly, what are ways to improve?

The bottom line is the realisation that the number one customer for any organisation should be their employees. By looking after their people, by engaging and motivating them, organisations will in turn be able to maximise productivity and performance.

It’s a fact that virtually every organisation and individual within those organisations, is being asked to ‘do more with less’.  Therefore the key question right now must be, ‘How do we maximise productivity and performance, simply and easily?  One of the most effective ways to fast-track productivity and performance intelligently is by maximising employee engagement and motivation.

The problem is that many organisations are getting frustrated because engagement solutions they’re implementing aren’t getting effective ‘cut through’ and the desired improvement in employee engagement scores.

Many traditional employee engagement initiatives have fallen short by offering ‘band aid’ solutions or an ineffective mixture of employee benefits which commonly create what I call a ‘whinge entitlement culture’.  Most initiatives have focused on tackling the symptoms of disengagement, rather than understanding what uniquely motivates the individual to perform better.

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing ways to improve this core business issue.  Stay tuned.  For now, consider this improvement:


 Up, down, across an organisation, in & out between customers & providers.
Communication is the central nervous system to any healthy, fully functioning culture. Moving forward, it is not going to be the big organisations that will beat the small. In our fast and ever changing world it will be the quick to change workforces that will beat the slow. For an organisation to adapt quickly it needs good open collaborative communication between employees, team and departments.

Leadership needs to have an overriding clarity of vision communicated ‘top down’ to all.

Whereas, self-awareness and communication is also vital for maximising individual employee productivity and performance from the ‘bottom up’. The challenge for many individuals is that most employees know what doesn’t engage them, but fewer know with real clarity what does motivate them to greater performance.

So the starting point for most people (and therefore workforces) is individual self-awareness, self-responsibility, or what we call self-leadership. With self-leadership comes clarity, and with clarity comes more control. Once clarity is achieved then more informed decision can be communicated and better performance achieved.

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