Have Your Engagement Gun Loaded

Your Engagement Gun

Let’s talk engagement surveys. Is this mindset about engagement familiar to you?

Current thinking (Quarter 1):  
“I’ll start looking at effective engagement and motivation strategies that increase performance and productivity after our engagement research is completed”

3-6 Months Later (Quarter 2): 
“The engagement research has been done and I’m wading through it to identify potential areas to focus on”

6-9 Months Later (Quarter 3):  
“I’ve now identified strategic areas that need attention to improve engagement”

Oops! (Quarter 4):  
“It’s time to do the next round of engagement research!”


Top 5 Problems with this scenario

  1.  Nothing really changes and organisations become paralysed by inaction or run the risk of perpetuating the same old ineffective engagement strategies year in, year out.
  2.  Most of the time and effort is spent on the research and very little time is spent on the most important thing – effective engagement, motivation and productivity initiatives.
  3.  Employees don’t see any immediate results from their feedback in your engagement survey – so they can feel they weren’t really being listened to.
  4.  Employees’ mindset can become “Why bother doing this year’s engagement survey – management doesn’t really care anyway”.
  5.  Engagement surveys can sometimes just become meaningless administrative lip service leading to further disengagement rather than increased motivation.


Top 3 Solutions

1.  Have the gun loaded:  Example:

    • Speak to a range of experts and formulate some universally beneficial  initiatives ready to go straight after your engagement research comes out.

2. Get some quick wins: Example:

    • Leadership Programs to teach managers how to motivate and engage their teams easily with simple  tools, which collectively allow them to create Team Engagement Plans (TEP) and Personal Engagement Plans (PEP) with their people.

3. Provide strategic initiatives that have universal benefits.  Example:

    • Employee Driven Engagement: This self-responsibility approach to productivity and performance has been proven to allow individuals to improve their own engagement by at least 70%.


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